Industrial & Logistics

Offsite Warehouse & Distribution Center

Project :
Offsite Warehouse & Distribution Center
Client :
Qatar Foundation
Location :
Industrial Area Street No.1
Status :
Completed 2012

This is another large warehousing project designed by us. The facility is designed to the latest available technology in medical & general material handling & storing system.  A “state-of-the-art” facility using available technologies and “best practices” to ensure optimum utilization of space for maximum effective capacity and throughput, superb order and inventory accuracies, and high levels of productivity. The facility provides the maximum flexibility for all type of warehousing needs for Qatar Foundation and SMRC in the foreseeable future.

The warehousing facility provides the seamless flow of high output operation and meets high demand of material distribution matrix.

The Medical Warehouse (Warehouse 1), this supports the Sidra Medical Research Center (SMRC) operation. The Warehouse is planned as a 28,655 square-meter facility to support a planned 550–bed SMRC. This facility is designed to hold approximately six months of inventory of all items that will be consumed by the SMRC except for pharmaceuticals. The facility contains Cold Rooms, A/C warehousing area (VNA-AGV), automated sorter system, Food storage, Chemical & Flammable storage. 

The General Warehouse (Warehouse 2), this supports the Qatar Foundation (Material & Contract) warehousing requirements. The warehouse is planned as a 14,398 square-meter facility to support the warehousing requirements of the Qatar Foundation (M&C). The facility is designed with two separate sections, the Air-conditioned and temperature controlled storage. 

The Common Facilities, this facility houses the common services that support both medical and general warehouses.

Most advanced material handling systems were installed in this project, which included automatic picking and sorting systems using tilt trays, etc. 

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