Public Facilities

Aquatic & Fisheries Research Centre, Ras Matbekh, Al Khor

Project :
Aquatic & Fisheries Research Centre, Ras Matbekh, Al Khor
Client :
Building Affairs, Public Work Authority
Location :
Ras Matbekh, Al Khor
Status :

KEIC is proud to be associated with the above project right from the master planning stage, through the design stage and up to the construction phase.  The project scope covers the design and construction of the first large scale aquaculture facility in Qatar.  This project assumes added significance with the background of the long fisheries traditions of the State of Qatar, and the importance placed by the government on attaining self sufficiency in all fields, particularly in food production.

The project is being carried out for Fisheries Department, which now forms part of the Ministry of Environment. The facility comprise of a large complex which houses laboratories, production facilities, administrative and residential buildings. Units include marine finfish hatchery, shrimp hatchery, live feed production facilities, wet and dry laboratories, quarantine unit, etc.  The campus will also provide residential facilities for research scholar’s who will be engaged in research at the facility as well as residences for administrative staff and workers of the center.

Works included Environmental Impact Assessment, site investigations and studies such as topographical survey, geotechnical investigation, hydrogeological investigation, marine studies, etc. , aquaculture, architectural and engineering design.  Aquaculture input for the design was provided by our associates, IDEE of France and M/s Megapesca of Portugal, and EIA by the Environmental Studies Centre of Qatar University.

Apart from the numerous buildings, the campus also requires a complex infrastructure which include seawater intake, seawater pumping station, process water treatment, water recycling systems and tertiary treatment using biological process, potable water, sewerage, and compressed air network, desalination unit, auxiliary power supply,  etc.

The Administration building will house the offices of the Fisheries Department besides advanced dry laboratories, library, auditorium, etc.

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