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Hamad International Airport - Package (CP 26)

Project :
Hamad International Airport - Package (CP 26)
Client :
Location :
Hamad International Airport
Status :
Completed 2013

KEIC had the privilege to associate with a number of packages of the above prestigious project. Package CP26 had NDIA as client, Overseas Bechtel Inc. & MACE as project managers, Ghafari as Design Consultant, ADCC JV as Contractor.

KEIC scope of works included supervision and statutory approvals of Life safety system, mechanical ventilation system, fire alarm and firefighting systems including both active and passive systems.

CP 26 Package consisted mainly of 4 Buildings

a)    Aircraft Maintenance Hanger

b)    Hazardous Storage

c)    Substation Cup Building

d)    East and West Check Points


Life Safety Design and Review

Life safety design calls for ensuring compliance with numerous parameters such as type of construction, including use of approved noncombustible or fire resistive materials, use groups and occupancies, means of egress requirements and other special occupancy requirements, height and area limits, site considerations such as access to emergency vehicles in accordance with NFPA 101,409, 5000 & 80, building separation and requirements for rated exterior walls and openings for protection from exposure by adjacent buildings or hazards, fire and smoke barriers, etc.

Building services such as HVAC are reviewed and compliance ensured for features such as proper duct penetrations, locations of smoke dampers, and smoke detector requirements.

HVAC ducts that penetrate smoke barriers provided to isolate collections storage rooms shall be equipped with listed combination fire/smoke dampers. Provisions for pressure differentials during a fire emergency also need to be ensured.  Interior finishes and decorative materials used were also reviewed to ensure compliance to the Code requirements.  These requirements also extend to roof materials and coverings as well as to thermal and acoustical insulations used in buildings.

KEIC Engineers provided input for ensuring the compliance of life safety requirements in the design, and also reviewed all the discipline drawings for compliance.

QCDD Approval Process

KEIC was responsible for the QCDD approval process which commenced with  the approval of plans. Submission all services for approvals including building plans, fire alarm, firefighting, ACMV drawings complying to NFPA codes and QCDD Local requirements were made.

Building plans presented the overall site planning, means of escape, structural fire protection, etc. Site plans should indicate the means of access to the site and to the perimeter for fire fighting vehicle, position of fire engine hard standing and location of public. Building plans shall include detailed layout plans and elevation drawings.  Means of egress design complied with the requirements of NFPA 101, 5000 & 80.

Air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation drawings included details of specialized systems such as smoke purging system, engineered smoke control system, etc., and fire protection plans provide details of sprinkler system, automatic alarm system, fire hose reels, wet and dry rising mains, etc.

Scope of Works for Mechanical works included supervision, testing and commissioning of smoke management systems (Smoke Exhaust Fans & Make-Up Air Fans), fire and smoke dampers and interfacing of Mechanical Ventilation System with Fire Alarm System.

Fire Alarm system design services included supervision, testing and commissioning of smoke detectors, Duct detectors, Heat detectors, Beam detectors, Flame detectors, Manual call points, Strobe light, Strobe horn Building Fire Alarm Control Panel and interfacing of Fire Alarm System with mechanical ventilation and firefighting systems.

Fire Fighting Services also included \supervision, testing and commissioning of wet pipes sprinkler system, stand pipes systems, pre-action systems, clean agent systems, foam systems, Fire Hydrants, Fire department connections (Breeching inlets) and Interfacing of Fire Fighting systems with Fire Alarm System.

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