Technical Studies

Mayat 2.7.15

Project :
MAYAT 2.7.15
Client :
Msheireb Properties
Location :
Status :
Completed 2013

Another recent project carried out by KEIC, which has relevance to the current project is the Power Load Benchmarking Study carried out in September 2013.

Apart from the conventional load assessment requirements, this study had the requirement to cater to the sustainability objectives of the developer, which aimed at setting an international benchmark in sustainable development.

The brief called for the study to be based on Local codes and industry standards, Market information/standards and Professional good practice. It was stipulated that power allocations should be broken down into load types and power densities should be derived for tenancy areas separately for lighting, plug & other loads for different categories of buildings, such as F&B outlets, supermarkets, retail stores, offices, residences, etc. MDD development employed district cooling system, and consequently cooling loads was reduced.


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